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3 Reasons Why Cleaning of Tongue Is Important To Oral Health

Oral hygiene is very important to our health. It comprises your teeth and tongue.

Cleaning your tongue regularly is an important part of oral health. Only brushing your teeth won’t resolve the purpose of securing oral health.

 Oral health is about your teeth and tongue. Along with brushing your teeth, you must also clean your tongue regularly.

This keeps your entire mouth clean to prevent germ and bacteria buildup. Regular tongue cleaning is a must and we all should follow it. Use a tongue scraper for this purpose as it is the best tool to properly clean your tongue.

The Importance of tongue cleaning:

Here are some reasons or rather benefits of tongue cleaning and why it is needed o be done regularly.

1. It prevents mouth odor: A layer usually forms in the dirty tongue, in which bacteria grow. These dirty layers are white or brown in color and the bacteria present in the tongue gives you bad breath throughout the day. Regular tongue cleaning keeps your tongue healthy and your mouth does not smell.

Also, when you clean your tongue, it eliminates dead skin and bacteria of the tongue.

2. It prevents mouth cavity and decay: To keep teeth healthy, along with cleaning teeth, the tongue should also be kept clean.

Brushing removes stuck food between your teeth and clears teeth, but still contains some bacteria in the mouth, which thrives on the tongue.

Therefore, if you do not clean your tongue, then these bacteria subsequently cause tooth decay and cavity.

Toothache and bleeding gums are a sign of phosphorous deficiency and you must get yourself checked if you see these symptoms.

3. It improves taste: Normally a layer of food that you have eaten repeatedly forms on your tongue. It can be responsible for spoiling or worsening the taste of your tongue.

So if you do proper tongue cleaning, it helps your tongue better distinguish between bitter, sweet, sour, and salty. This makes your taste buds work perfectly and also helps in identifying any bad food.

You should also know the right way of tongue cleaning. Tooth scrapers are the most effective for tongue cleaning.

Some people also use a toothbrush but scrapers are the best. Some studies have found that tongue cleaning addresses mouth odor or bad breath issues.

How to use tongue scraper:

1. Take a tongue scraper either plastic or metal, whatever you choose. You can easily get one from the market. However, check before buying to see for any sharp edge to prevent cuts.

2. Take out your tongue and place the scraper on the back of your tongue.

3. Put some pressure on the tongue scraper and bring it forward putting the same pressure while cleaning the tongue.

4. All the dirt and debris would come along with that.

5. Now put the scraper under running water and clean.

6. Also, spit out the saliva that might have been produced during the cleaning process.

7. After you’re done, clean the scraper with water and store it. 

Content created and supplied by: MatronJcares (via Opera News )


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