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Fact: Christian VII of Denmark Suffered from Chronic Self Stimulation

There have been debilitating disorders, but suffering from chronic masturbation should be ranked number one. Based on lack of sleep, callouses on the hands, and blisters where you really wouldn’t want blisters. But is seems for Christian VII, he never cares about that.

This aforementioned man of Denmark was really quite an odd fellow. He came to the throne at a tender young age of 17 which you can argue is too young, he had the weight of the entire nation on his shoulders. Probably the weight of the nation was too much upon him, and the best way to relieve himself was to stimulate himself at any time. It was known that he placed his regal responsibilities second to his fooling around. This acts naturally consumes entire waking life so how will he perform.

By coming to a position of power at such a tender age, this man chronic masturbation presented serious issues for the nation that His doctors were so concerned that they thought he could make himself infertile. Apart from engaging in this disturbing act he also known to behave in an atrocious manner that he’s fond of throwing food at guests during dinner food at them and even went further during conversations. He had a habit of smacking the other person in the face for no apparent reason. He even did it to diplomats.

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