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How to use olive oil alongside with drugs to cure stomach ulcer

Stomach ulcer is now common in our environment due to the abuse of Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAIDs) e.g Ibuprofen, diclofenac etc, excessive alcohol intake , smoking , prolonged fasting , stress . Stomach ulcer is a distressing disease as it present with severe pain of which , the commonly used pain killers like NSAIDs will make it worse , because they inbibit a substance called prostaglandin that is protective against stomach ulcer. However , the main cause of stomach ulcer is a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori( H. pylori) that survives comfortably in the hydrochloric acid( HCl) of the stomach by creating a cool environment for it's self , where normally most organisms don't survive .

Olive oil , that is gotten from the fruits of the olive tree is not easily destroyed by acid and heat ( it can withstand heat at a very high temperature and acid for a very long period of time) , so it is the perfect match for the eradication of the organism H. Pylori that is causing the stomach ulcer . However , studies have shown that , a substance in extra virgin olive called polyphenol ( tyrosol like substance) inhibits 8 different types of H. pylori , of which , 3 of those organisms are not killed by any known antibiotics . So therefore, incorporate olive oil in your diet .

To make it easier , we will be discussing the drugs of choice used in the treatment of stomach ulcer alongside with the use of olive oil . But , please note; olive is not only effective against stomach ulcer , it has other very important functions like prevention of heart diseases , stroke , diabetes , reduces blood pressure , and makes someone to look younger and healthier than it's age .

Also please note, in the study extra virgin olive was effective at small doses too . So in the treatment of stomach ulcer , you can add 1 tablespoon to your diet 3 times a day alongside with the ulcer medications , but not to be taken at same time . After completing your ulcer treatment , you can still take olive oil at least once a day to prevent future occurrence of stomach ulcer . However , as I have said earlier , olive oil has other wonderful amazing benefits .

Medically , stomach ulcer is treated with 3 drugs , and the treatment is called triple regimen . Please note , there are other triple regimens , but the one I am stating here is the treatment of choice and more effective in stomach ulcer . The treatment include ; Omeprazole 20mg , clarithromycin 500mg and Amoxicillin 1g to be taken twice daily for 7-14 days . And Antacid can be bought to reduce the pain , however antacid does not cure stomach ulcer , it just reduces the stomach pain , and don't take the antacid and the drugs at same time too .

So therefore, combining the right medical treatment and the amazing olive oil is very effective in the treatment of stomach ulcer . Don't stay silent and die from stomach ulcer as it is associated with life threatening complications like stomach perforation , Stomach cancers .

Also note that , olive oil prevent against stomach ulcer .

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