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Early Signs That You Have Started Developing an Eye Problem and When to See the Doctor

The Eye is naturally seen as the light of the body as it helps in the view which all of us see on a regular basis. Because of the massive importance of the human eye, it is easily exposed to a lot of hazards and problems which a lot of us don't notice until it becomes a serious problem.

Sometimes when the eye starts developing a certain type of problem, it takes little or no time before starting to showcase these problems slowly.

So in this article, I am going to be talking about some of the early signs that you might be developing some eye problems and when you should see the doctor.

1. Change in Iris Colour

Signs that your eye might have started having certain issues starts from the colour of your eye.

2. Crossed eyes

Another common sign of an eye problem is crossed eye.

3. Dark spot on the centre of your field of vision

4. Difficulty focusing on nearing or distant objects.

5. Double vision

Another common sign of eye problem is double vision. This is when both eye act as if they are working independently.

6. Dry Eye with itching or burning sensations

This usually happens when the eye has started developing some sort of Infections. This itching and burning sensations might eventually develop into reddish eye ball.

7. Some episodes of cloudy vision.

8. Exchange tearing

From time to time, you will have the feeling to cry even when you are not feeling sad. This is even more rampant on older people.

9. Eye pain

Normally another common thing you will notice is serious eye pain around the area that is affected.

10. Growing bump on the eye lids

When the eye is suffering from an infection or any type of sickness, the affected around starts to grow a slight bump.


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