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Substances Men Should Avoid Taking Regularly To Prevent Watery Sperm

Watery sperm and low sperm count are problems that affect many men every day, however no one is sure what causes them. According to an article written by MayoClinic, I'll share with you a few things to avoid doing or consuming in large quantities if you want to keep your sperm from turning into water.

1. In order to avoid having watery sperm, it's a good idea to cut back on smoking and other substances that dehydrate the body. The high nicotine content of cigarettes lowers sperm quality and causes them to be more watery. Nicotine is found in cigarettes and can have negative effects on the whole body in addition to the lungs. Daily abstinence from smoking is therefore recommended according to studies.

2. You should also limit how often you drink alcohol because it can have negative effects on your body. In addition to lowering testosterone levels and sperm quality, the chemical components of alcohol can cause sperm to become more watery.

3. Finally, you should avoid anabolic steroid medicines on a regular basis if you want to have healthy sperm production. Muscle development and strength can be aided by anabolic steroids, a kind of medicine. In light of the fact that these drugs include dangerous ingredients that can lead to sperm that is too watery, you should avoid them according to studies.

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