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Broken bone: What you will notice on the affected area during recovery

Fracture of the bone can occur to people at any given point in time, most especially during an accidental fall or injury. When there is a fractured bone in any part of the body, the human body feels a sharp pain in the affected skin area. This bone ache is usually accompanied with swelling, stiffness, bruising and feeling of warmth on the affected area. These symptoms are a clear indication that there is a need for bone repair. Human immune system can actually activate bone repair on it's own, usually few hours after sustaining a fracture. Bone fracture can occur in different forms. In order, to repair a broken bone, you need to set the bone back in it's original place. This can be done using a cast or splint, which will be tied around the site of injury and allowed to heal. When a fractured bone has undergone repair and it's on the final stage of recovery, there are two things you will notice in the affected site of injury.

1. Firstly, the body part you broke looks smaller, due to a reduction of muscles at the site of injury during healing.

During the recovery and final stage of a fractured bone repair, there will be lesser muscles in the affected skin area. The lesser muscles in these areas are broken and mostly torn due to the reformation of bone.

2. The affected skin area looks pale, and the body hairs at the site of injury appears darker than usual

When the cast bandages are removed, the affected skin looks pale because the muscles are weak. The body hair at the site of injury which have been in the dark looks darker than its usual colour, due to the bandage covering.

Source and Photo credit:, webMD

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