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Can beer be beneficial to health?

Beer may have some health-friendly property. But before starting to explain the benefits of beer, it is important to take into account that it is only possible to be beneficial when consumption is moderate and responsible, by healthy adults and within the framework of a healthy and balanced diet, as is in this case the Mediterranean diet, as explained by the Forum for Research on Beer and Lifestyles.

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This forum has echoed the study 'Moderate beer consumption and its effects on cardiovascular and metabolic health: an updated review of recent scientific evidence', which was recently published in the journal Nutrients.

Take in moderate amounts

This study from the journal Nutrients,is an updated review of scientific evidence that concludes that moderate alcohol consumption of 196 grams per week (which is approximately 28 g/day or 700 ml of beer per day) in men and 112 grams per week (16 g/day or approximately 400 ml of beer daily) in women has been associated with some health benefits.

However, the research details that the recommended weekly amounts of alcohol should be taken into account, and should be spread over several days. In addition, it stresses that episodes of excessive consumption or "binge eating" should not be included.

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The research also stresses that, if you are taking medications,if you are going to drive, and in the case of pregnant or breastfeeding women, you should choose to drink a non-alcoholic beer.

Depending on the data that emerges from the article, moderate beer consumption can be associated with different benefits for humans: such as a lower cardiovascular risk or a decreased risk of diabetes in men. However, remember that these benefits may be conditioned by socioeconomic, diet and lifestyle characteristics in general.

Beer, an option in the Mediterranean diet

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Historically, the Mediterranean Diet has been associated with high life expectancy and low rates of cardiovascular disease. Specifically it is characterized by the high consumption of fresh food, low consumption of animal fats and low to moderate consumption of wine or beer,usually accompanied with meals.

In short, "moderate beer consumption reduces cardiovascular risk and overall mortality. In addition, it decreases the risk of diabetes in men, increases bone mass density, decreases the risk of fracture in the elderly and does not seem to be associated with general or abdominal obesity, "explains Dr. Ascensión Marcos, director of the Immunonutrition group of the Department of Metabolism and Nutrition of the Institute of Food Science and Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN) of the CSIC , and one of those responsible for this review.

Although you must remember, that excessive beer is not at all beneficial. In addition, if you suffer from any disease, it is appropriate that you first consult with your usual doctor.

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