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Here Is A Substance People Use To Make Their Meats Soft That Can Cause Health Damage

We live in a very busy generation where everyone wants his task completed quickly so time could be saved as it is believed time is money. None would like cooking to take his time and sequel to this most people wouldn't cook and when they do they wouldn't want to waste time on it.

Source: 9jafoodie

There are foods that are known for their natural toughness to heat. Some meats like that of goats, cow skin and the rest of them are typical examples. People wouldn't want to spend loads of time waiting for the meats to soften and sequel to that they would find alternatives some of which are very harmful to human health. Some of these includes the use of 'Paracetamol' as tenderizers. 

Note that this medication is originally created to be taken for some conditions like headache, pains et cetera and even at that, it is dosed.

Adding it to foods would expose you to having more of it, secondly, Paracetamol when heated would result to another substance that is very damaging to some vital organs inside the human body.

As sited in 'Punch Healthwise' it is recorded that ”Paracetamol is Acetaminophen and when heated, it changes to paraaminophenol, which is toxic to the kidneys and liver''.

Learn to exercise the patience as some meats actually do require being exposed to substancial amounts of heat so as to reduce the chances of it infecting the consumer with tapeworms.

However, if you insist on using tenderizers, baking soda has proven to be a good one. All you need do is make a solution of it, pour the meats in the baking soda solution and leave it there for a while. Afterwards, bring them out and have them rinsed then you can embark on cooking them. The alkalinity of baking soda will break the protein bonds in the meats making it easier for heat to penetrate hence, getting it softened.

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