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Instead of Bathing Cold Water when Feeling Hot/Sweating, Bath with Hot Water [Reason]

Hello fans, Today's Update I brought reason why you should bath Hot Water when you are feeling Hot and Sweating instead of cold water.

Many People or let's say 80% of people thinks bathing with cold water is the best solution to when you are feeling hot and sweating, but the answer is NO.

Question: What do cold water do to our body if we bath with it when feeling hot and sweating?

I will answer the question with an example, have you ironed your clothes and when done ironing, due to the hotness of the Iron, you deceided to pour cold water on the metal hot part of the Iron so to reduce it's hotness, the what happened?

Recall on how it splashes and boils the water also realeses some part speedily as evaporation, that's the same thing that happens to our body system, when we bath with cold water when feeling Hot and sweating.

Another, have you played football or done other heavy excess that throws out alot energy, thereby releasing alot of sweats and making you feel very hot, so you rushed into the bath room and showered with cold water.

Then when you come out, hoping to be cold and relax, you find out that you are sweating heavily, that thesame thing that happens to the Hot Iron example i gave earlier, happening to your body.

And in some cases you get hand fan to fan yourself or look for fresh Air which is suppose not to be so since you have taken your bath, but because of the wrong water type (cold water) at that moment made you sweat.

You sweat because you bath with the wrong type of water at that moment, what your body needs at that moment in time is Hot water, which we all know that hot water lowers your body pressure and relax you and you can easily fall asleep.

If you can give it a try, then you stand to testify to yourself that instead of bathing with cold water when you are hot an sweating, use hot water and you will be sweat not, also you may fall asleep becasue it relax your body.

NOTE: Not a very hot water so you wont kill your skin, because too much a thing has it's disadvantage.

BONUS IDEA: When you are Hot and Sweating, dont hand fan yourself, because what is required in doing that is energy which you also generate using your hand.

You may be enjoying it, but immediately you stop hand-faning yourself, then you see yourself feeling hot and sweating again.

So it is advisable when you are feeling hot l, instead of handfaning yourself due to no artificial product to produce air and due to lack of natural Air, just remain calm and relax, you can use your handkachief to clean your sweats but don't hand-fan your self.

In due time of relaxation, you will feel the reduction in your body temperature and the hotness reducing and you can enjoy the limited air which you have, and gradually the sweats will dry off.

Unless if the room is disturbed by noise and excess crowded people which they is no space for air to flow properly, then you are in trouble. Hahahahah

Thank you so much for your time, please try them and testify if my words are correct or not.

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