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Fruits That Can Cause High Blood Sugar And Diabetes If Consumed On A Regular Basis

Some fruits are beneficial for diabetics according to an article written by Healthline but others should be avoided. Here I'll talk about four fruits that can increase your risk of developing diabetes by having a negative impact on your blood sugar levels. Here is a list of them.

1. Overripe bananas

Bananas are a good fruit for diabetics because they are low in sugar and can be eaten in moderation. Overripe bananas, in general, can cause a dangerous spike in blood sugar levels, which can be a problem for diabetics.

2. Pineapple

Pineapples like many other fruits, are tasty and nutritious. For diabetics, however, they could be dangerous. The high glycemic index of pineapples has been shown to affect diabetics according to studies.

3. Orange

You may be concerned about the safety of eating oranges if you have diabetes. Though it's chock full of nutrients, 100% orange juice is low in fiber, which plays a key role in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. In addition, the high GI of orange juice, combined with its common pairing with other high-carbohydrate foods, increases the risk of hyperglycemia. Diabetics should therefore moderate their consumption.

4. Watermelon

Watermelon is an exceptionally important fruit. This is because watermelon is well-known for being extremely nutrient-dense. Studies show, however, that people who have been diagnosed with excessive blood sugar levels should avoid eating this fruit. Watermelon has a very high glycemic index, making it a very risky food for diabetics according to studies.

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