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Read The Response A Doctor Got After He Told His Friend He Slaps Patients' Arms To Find Veins For IV

Developed countries have an edge over the underdeveloped ones especially in this era of the information age. The advanced and ground-breaking technological infrastructure in these developed countries has placed a huge gulf between them and the underdeveloped countries - Africa inclusive.

A Nigerian doctor shared his experience via Twitter, of his conversation with his female doctor friend who resides in Finland. The conversation took a new turn when he began narrating how he would normally slap the arm of his patient(s) for their veins to show so that he could perform intravenous injection on, or collect blood samples from them.

He explained that his doctor friend began to sob and asked 'how can you be slapping a human that is already sick when you can just use a vein finder?' Up until that point in that conversation, he had never heard of anything called 'vein finder'.

He further explained that he became ashamed of himself because, with his experience in practicing medicine, he has never come across such a technological breakthrough, that could make life stress-free, both for the doctor and the patient.

Credit: Linda Ikeji Blog

Content created and supplied by: Christian_Bayata (via Opera News )

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