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10 Ways To Cutting Down Stress At Work

Nevertheless, there are often things we can all do simply by articulating a suggestion that will clearly be something that benefits everyone. These kinds of ideas are actually quite difficult to ignore, even in the least creative workplace!

1. Create conditions where employees have maximum control over their working lives, for example, by sharing as much information as possible or by encouraging teams to manage themselves.

2. Offer learning opportunity for all staff, including some time to that can be used for for personal development.

3. Ensure that every employee thinks about their goals for the week ahead a week before, and their goals for tommorow the day before or early on the day questions.

4. Establish a culture where it is expected that individuals will ask for help throughout the day if they are unable to prioritize their own work load.

5. Create flexible work arrangements for as many staff as possible.

6. Encourage people to take breaks by taking them yourself.

7. Encourage employees to take physical exercise, learn yoga, autogenic training, meditation, sitting posture, regular breathing and other useful techniques.

8. Encourage everyone to share their one favorite stress buster and display these as posters or on your intrarnet.

9. Tell jokes, encourage others and actively seek to find the funny side in all that goes on at work.

10. Spend the last hour of the day on the least stressful things. For example, telephone calls, thinking about their next day or tidying up.

Enjoy your reading.

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