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Common symptoms of Dementia you should know

In simple terms, dementia refers to the deterioration of cognitive and learning abilities. This condition includes difficulties with judgment, learning, thinking, remembering, reasoning, and language. Those over the age of 85 may have some kind of dementia.

Dementia cuts across health conditions including Alzheimer’s which is the commonest form of dementia, Lewy body dementia, vascular dementia, and other forms.

Really, there is no one unique cause of dementia. Yes, all types of dementia arise from damage to the brain cells. However, each type of dementia may be related to different damage and the various areas of the brain.

Here, the symptoms of dementia change depending on the specific type and stage of that disease. At the early stage, these symptoms are often unnoticed with a gradual onset. As cognition declines, these symptoms become more obvious, and daily personal routine tasks such as caring for yourself become difficult, eventually leading to an interruption in daily living and being independent. 

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Common symptoms of dementia include:

Forgetfulness and Memory loss

A person suffering from dementia can be forgetful. It's not always easy for them to recall both important and trivial things.

Mood changes

There may be mood swings if anxious, having self-doubt, or getting irritated.

Difficulty concentrating

Due to the poor signaling of the brain cells, lack of concentration and inability to stay focused can be observed.

Problems with reasoning and judgment 

This is another notable symptom, there could be a misjudgment of another person.

Confused about time and place

In elderly ones suffering this problem, they may ask you if it's the night when it's just morning.

Other symptoms include; getting lost in family and social life, having difficulty carrying out usual daily activities, problems with language, difficulty finding and using the right words, poor work productivity, changes in habits, and other behavioral roles.

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