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Shut Up and Take Our Vaccine Or Die - White Lady Calls Out Africans

A white Lady identified as Tracy Zille has taken to several social media platforms to call out Africans over their persistent rejection of the corona Virus vaccine, stating that the Africans and its people as helpless.

According to several posts shared on her social media Handle, Tracy Zille stated that Africans and have always been dependent and relied on the Western world and other European countries for their products and basic Necessities.

According to lady, Africans do not have an option regarding the pandemic currently plaguing the world. She encouraged Africans to take the vaccine that has being discovered by the western world or be doomed to the consequences.

She also noted that the only things that Africans are capable of producing are babies, bishops, prophets, pastors, anointing oil & prayers due to the Continent's heavy reliance on importation.

Read the full posts below:

She Noted that it is important that Africans stop being judgmental about the corona-virus vaccine as it is not made to Harm people.

This is Coming barely days after a popular pastor in Nigeria allegedly called out Bill Gates saying "we might not have money but we have God.

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