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If you love your liver, stay away from these 4 habits.

Are You Unknowingly Destroying Your Liver? Avoid These Damaging Habits.

Drinking alcohol isn’t the only bad habit that can destroy your liver. Certain kinds of drugs and supplements, junk food, and even risky sexual behaviors can result in a handful of illnesses and diseases.

1. Not drinking enough water

Staying competently hydrated helps your kidneys clear sodium and toxins from the body. Regular drinking of water is furthermore one of the greatest behavior to eliminate painful kidney stones. People with kidney infections may be required to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day for an optimum health status.

2. Not practicing safe sex

Practicing safe sex protects you from a number of STDs. It also guards you against certain types of cancer, like the type that can develop in your liver. According to the American Cancer Society, unprotected sex can transmit hepatitis B and C viruses from person to person. These chronic viral infections can lead to the destruction of the liver cells.

3. Excessive intake of junk food.

Consuming large amounts of sugar doesn’t just give you diabetes. According to Harvard Health Publications, diets high in sugar can also lead to the buildup of excess fat in your liver, called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. For your liver’s sake, reduce the intake of sugary diets.

4. Smoking cigarettes

Smoking isn’t just bad for your lungs. According to some research, smoking can negatively impact your liver function in a similar way to long-term alcohol use. Inhaling cigarette smoke causes oxidative stress, which can lead to significant liver damage over time as the cells begin to break down.

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