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Check Out What Happens In Your Body After Taking A Bottle Of Soft Drink

It is very common to see young people 'washing down' their food with a bottle of soft drink. To many of them,it is quite refreshing. This is true of course but watch out what happens in your body after this.

The body assimilates this sugar into the blood stream, spiking up your blood sugar level, the pancreas immediately releases insulin to enable the cells to assimilate this sugar. In this way energy is released to the cells.

This energy may be equal to the energy that could be gotten from a meal and If you ate some food with the soft drink, the body will commence digestion of the food while the quick energy from the soft drink is stored in the liver as fat cells.

The kidneys also gets involved by trying to eliminate excess sugar from the body through urine, coupled with the diuretic effect of caffeine in the soft drink, the kidneys are put under pressure to release more fluid from the body.

This process may lead to dehydration, necessitating the craving for water according to the expert, drinking soft drink may not cause harm if it is done occasionally but taking it regularly may cause an increase in the fat cells in the liver.

According to Dr. Melten Zeytinoglu an endocrinologist, an assistant professor in the university of Chicago, sugar and caffeine are not good combinations.

Water and other non calorie drinks are the best drinks for the body as they may not cause a spike in blood sugar and may not affect triglycerides levels.

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