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Do You Still Drink Garri? Please Read Carefully reasons you should stop drinking Garri in excess.

Hey Guys, today we will be talking about garri and its Effects, as we all know consumption of garri is as significant as anything among the populace of West Africa like Togo, Nigeria, Benin Republic, and others. It gains this importance not only because of its cheap and readily available source of food but also a fast food which requires sugar, coconut, groundnut, meat, fish, or processed preferred products like Kulikuli (Yoruba) and water for the readiness of its consumption.

As we are conscious that the cassava excess

Not one Nigerian drinks or doesn't drink Garri sprayed. This cassava delicacy has become a cornerstone of Nigeria. Interestingly enough, this Nigerian food is a passion for both the rich and the poor. You may call it 'Cassava flakes' in English. This is most commonly called 'Garri,' however. One of the high quality of this meal is that it can be satisfying and, more importantly, inexpensive. Indeed, for poor masses, Garri is a life-saver. The big disadvantages and side-effects of consuming Garri could be overlooked with all the nice facts surrounding this beautiful 'Cassava flakes.' This informative writing is therefore important.

The grain manufactured can trigger many things we don't like. It makes us vulnerable to many unwanted diseases since it is one of the most versatile consumer products in Africa. The eba (guarri made of hot water) can be used for this cassava-produced plant. Even, cold water can be prepared. Students from Africa have made this garri such a desirable stock to the point that a sentence I won't reveal has been drawn up. It can be eaten with fried meat, raw cooked meat, fried fish, raw cooked fish, groundnut, and many others.

It also makes us vulnerable to many diseases like the following: as good as in the quashing hunger,

Ulcer: Peptic ulcers are open sores which develop on the inside and upper part of your intestine. Stomach pain is the most frequent symptom of peptic ulcer.

Blindness: Blindness, including color, is the inability to see anything. You have limited vision if you are partially blind. For example, you might be unable to differentiate object shapes or blurred vision. Total blindness means that you simply can't see it.

Stomach pain: Abdominal pain can be caused by an underlying disease. Examples of constipation, heat, physical exercise, tension, or muscle pain.

Blurry Vision: Blurred vision may cause the underlying disease to be not caused. Eye rubbing, dry eyes, weeping, aging or incorrect prescription of eyeglass are examples.

Anaemia: Blood cells or red damaged blood cells in the body induce anesthesia. This results in a lower flow of oxygen to the organ of the body. Fatigue, breathlessness, lightheartedness, dizziness, or rapid heartbeat may include symptoms.

High blood pressure: The term hypertension is usually greater than 140/90 and is considered extreme when the pressure is higher than 180/120.

Sometimes there are no signs of high blood pressure. Over time, untreated diseases such as heart disease and stroke may result in health.

A healthy diet with less salt, regular exercise, and drug use can reduce blood pressure.

Diabetes (since its mostly mixed with sugar): It usually occurs in the teenage years. Increased thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, and blurred vision are part of the symptoms. Through regular monitoring, insulin treatment, diet, and exercise, the treatment are to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Scratching of the skin: Scratching the skin may cause the underlying diseases not to occur. Examples involve regeneration of hair, sunburns, bites of insects, dry or healing injuries.

Skin rash: Skin rashes can be caused by a disease not underlying it. Examples include hot and moist weather, sunlight, or not fitting scratchy clothing.

Note: In cold weather, it is not recommended to take garri.

1. Eye Defects: Cassava which has hydrocyanic acid is made from Garri. Garri cyanide can lead to serious eye problems in large quantities. The proper and systematic care of the garri will, therefore, reduce the acid concentration to a considerable amount.

 2. Cyanide: It also has the nature of organic acid and can lead to bowel problems in excess and may aggravate the case of an ulcer patient.

3. Weight gain:The root of the cassava developed by garri is rich in carbohydrates. There are 360 calories in a cup of garri, 99% carbohydrate. Excess consumption can, therefore, lead to the storing and unnecessary weight gain of excess carbon in the body.


-- All our garri manufacturers must learn the technical know-how of processing well-garri and the implementation of quality control activities.

· Verification of food sources should be grown; carbohydrates from a wide variety of sources, more nutritious, e.g. potatoes, brown rice, should be tried.

-- Another complementary food source to reduce its lethal impact should be found.

NOTE: Eye defects could as well be caused based on one or more of the following:

- Genetics

- Environmental factor

- Nutrient deficiency

- Nonchalant acts

- Lack of healthy practice

Please think twice before you take, Garri's next spoon. 

Prevention is better than cure! 

Can God bless us all, and hold us!

Your opinion, is highly valued!

I'll be glad to hear your comments. Please don't forget to like and share.

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