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Benefits of taking a cold shower

Cold showers are any shower with a water temperature below 70 degree F. A cold shower has many benefit that helps improve the overall health and improve the immune system.

Cold shower helps relieve sore muscles and speeds up muscle recovery. Cold water for a shower keeps the muscle cool while the body works on regulating its temperature. Due to its regenerative properties . This is evident in the use of ice packs as a first aid treatment of sore muscles by Doctors.   

A old shower helps builds tolerance and improves oral health . It helps with mental endurance to overcome stress , extreme temperature and tougher cardio. Memory expert Jim Kwik is of the theory that taking cold showers helps build resilience . 

Cold shower improves mental alertness and energy and increases levels of the hormone norepineprine. It puts you in a calm state and improves focus and alertness. Cold showers may help decrease cortisol which is a stress inducing hormone.

A cold shower activates anti depressant hormones and produces higher levels of endorphins which is the happiness hormone , noradrenaline which is the alertness hormone. Anxiety often comes with an Increased heart rate and high blood pressure, a cold shower lowers the heart rate which in turn makes you feel calmer and less anxious. 

Cold shower stimulates metabolism and improves cardiovascular health. It increases blood flow to protect vital organs and warm up the body . It also improves the body metabolism rate. 

Taking a cold bath after workout boost the immune system and increases the production of white blood cells in the body. It helps the lymphatic system eliminate waste in the cells. 

It Improves the skin: a cold shower after workout helps keep skin natural oils , nutrients and moisture locked in to the skin. It tightens the pores and prevents them from getting clogged and decrease redness and puffiness which means a healthier looking skin.

A shower improves sleep , lower the core temperature and relaxes the mind.

A cold shower is most enjoyable during summer as opposed to the cold seasons.

People with weak immune system and serious heart problem need to take serious caution when taking a cold shower as sudden change in body temperature may weaken the body.

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