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3 Sicknesses you can get from your Air Conditioner

During the sunny period, we tend to on and use our air conditioners well, we try to use them to cool off the heat generated by the sun. But, an air conditioner that is there to cool us off can also be an attribute that can get us sick. Here are some illnesses that an air conditioner can cause :

1) Respiratory Infections

As with most respiratory illnesses or even colds that are contracted during the rainy season, cold is actually not the major cause but viruses are. Research has revealed that air conditioners can be a huge contributing factor even in small ways to how we contract respiratory infections.

They normally extract moisture from the air around us, allowing viruses a good chance to be established in our noses as the protective mucus that normally lines the nostrils have been dried up by the air conditioner.

2) Colds In Offices

Ever wondered why it seems office workers are always suffering from cold and what relates to it and these colds never seem to go away. Research conducted has revealed that people who work in an open office with a central air cooling unit always report in sick or cold and are notably absent from work often than those who don't have this cooling unit. 

People who work in an air-conditioned office always complain of colds than those who work in a natural office with no such air cooling unit. The symptoms associated with this include, breathing difficulties, irritated skin, mucous irritation, headache, and even fatigue.  

Also, surfaces in an air-conditioned are sometimes not well-maintained and this can lead to occupants breathing in these undesirable micro-organisms and this can lead to increased wheeze, cough, and even shortness of breath.

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3) Legionnaires' Disease

There is a bacteria known as Legionella pneumophila which is responsible for legionnaires' disease a very severe form of pneumonia. This type of pneumonia is a lung inflammation that is usually caused by infections.

Outdoors, these bacteria can survive on water and soil but won't be able to cause an infection, but indoors, they can multiply in a lot of water systems such as air conditioners, mist sprayers, and even hot tubs. 

Although one can contract this disease from plumbing systems, most people are infected when they inhale any microscopic water droplets that contain legionella bacteria. This can either be from a spray shower, whirlpool, faucet, or even water that is dispersed through ventilation from a large building.

This means that you have to keep checking your air-conditioner in and out of season and also check the controls and vent regularly.

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