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Here's What You Shouldn't Do When Using The Toilet To Avoid Health Problems.

Bathrooms are ideal breeding places for bacteria and germs that can have a detrimental influence on your health. Bacteria can include streptococcus, staphylococcus,. E. coli, and shigella bacteria, as well as the hepatitis A virus, the common cold virus, and various sexually transmitted organisms. However, In this article I will be showing you some bathroom habits that could potentially put you at risk of diseases.

1. Taking Your Phone With You.

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When you leave your phone on the bathroom counter or shelves, it gathers up harmful bacteria and can lead to a variety of ailments if you use it later. To avoid this risk, disinfect your phones even if you wash your hands, or make your bathroom a phone-free zone.

2. Storing Your Toothbrush In The Toilet.

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Keeping your toothbrush in the bathroom cupboard will prevent it from drying, creating an ideal environment for infectious bacteria to thrive. Keep the toothbrush outside the bathroom and in an upright position.

3. Not Closing The Toilet Lid While Flushing.

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According to various studies, when we flush the toilet, little water droplets are sprayed into the air and can spread a variety of illnesses. They can rise up to 6 feet in the air from the toilet seat, and the germs in those water droplets can remain in the air for longer periods of time, forming a filthy film all over the room and making you sick.

Here are some additional restroom habits that should be changed if you have them:

1. Wet wipes, condoms, band-aids, napkins, and other items should not be flushed.

2. Too much time spent on the toilet (increase the risk of haemorrhoids)

3. Using soap without rinsing it between uses

4. Leaving the toilet bowl unclean

5. Allowing the toilet brush to dry too quickly.


It is critical to remember to use clean, germ-free restrooms at all times. Make sure your children understand the importance of restroom sanitation.

NOTE: Please follow these steps to stay healthy. If you have any questions about anything regarding the information I've listed above, please let me know in the COMMENTS section below I'll try my best to answer your question, and don't forget to LIKE and SHARE to friends, family & love ones on social media. Thanks.


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