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Exclusive : Things you should know About Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a range of procedures that reshape or restores the form of the body .We are going to focus on the plastic surgery for body enhancement,to be more beautiful .Plastic Surgery is not necessarily that bad if used for the right reasons but the problem is some people become obsessed with this procedure leading to being unsatisfied with the way one looks even after surgery .

Nearly 6,9 million cosmetic surgical and non surgical procedures were performed in the USA in 2002 according to the American society of Aesthetic plastic Surgery ,what about now when it has become the new normal among many people not just celebrities .Common problems that lead people to plastic surgery are their physical appearance for example small butt with the rise of many African women having big hips and butts almost every one wants to have a big bum.Many people complain about big waist,small breasts or a big tummy .

However the risks associated with this procedure are plastic surgery, disfigurement,scars, infection, excessive bleeding ,blood clots , tissue death ,delayed healing , anaesthesia risks , pneumonia and paralysis.

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