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Opinion: Strange Things That Make You Smarter, Tried And Tested

Most people believe that individuals are born smart, that is not always true. The human brain responds to training and can be trained to be intelligent. Here are some strange but true ways you can become smarter.

1. Writing with your non-dominant hand

It is quite difficult to do this. It is also very weird to do it. But it is also quite beneficial.

2. Learning a new language

It might sound funny to some people, but it helps a lot. Shakira is fluent in about seven languages. And she is reported to have an IQ of 140!

3. Reading Backwards

Why would anybody want to read backwards, right? It helps your reasoning skills so well. Try reading the text below

4. Doing new things

Doing new things is a great way to change the way your brain thinks. Instead of the brain to be bent on doing the same old things all the time, it learns to do other things.

5. Brain food

Just like you take care of your hair and nails, the human brain also need to be taken care of. Feed on fatty fish, nuts, beans, vegetables, vitamins and fruits. You can also feed on food that contain minerals. Avoid junk food.

6. Classical music

Consider it as old-fashioned, but researchers say that listening to classical music improves your memory.7. Instruments

Some people make their children take instrumental lessons, not just for skill acquisition but also for sharper memory.

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