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Ways men can prevent early discharge during intercourse

In this post, I'll tell you everything you need to know from a Healthline article about preventing early discharge during s£xual activity.

Using a method of "stop and start"

Though this is a quick and simple fix, not many people know about it. Making frequent pauses is a great way to delay gratification and extend pleasure.

When the impulse to discharge arises, it is best to end any s£xual activity. When your yearning has diminished, start over. If you need to practice this method of staying balanced multiple times, you can.

Doing exercises for the pelvic floor

Strength training can drastically shorten the time it takes to accomplish the act of intimacy. The therapy study suggests that pelvic floor exercises can be helpful for males in coping with this difficulty. Research shows that this is beneficial since it reduces their "fight or flight" response, allowing them to engage in s£xual activity for longer.

Stay away from any s£xual activity for a while.

Despite the fact that it goes against common sense, studies have shown that putting less attention on intercourse participation and more on other types of activity can help decrease early discharge.

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