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Check Out How Much The Oxygen You Breathe Is Sold In The Hospital

Some weeks ago, one of my friends collapsed while we were trying to register for the National Identification Number, as the Federal government mandated that it was necessary for all Nigerian citizens to get it, as it will be needed for the registration and linking of SIM cards.

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Luckily, we quickly rushed her to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), at Ishaga road, Idi-araba, Lagos state. After we got to the hospital, the doctors on duty attended to her almost immediately, and that was when we discovered that she was suffering from a condition known as hypoxia. This condition occurs when oxygen does not sufficiently circulate the tissues of the body.

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The doctors said that she had to be admitted with an oxygen concentrator, which comes with a mask. The simple English of what was said above is that, we have to pay for oxygen to keep her stabilized. The doctor told us that the administration of oxygen on my friend would cost us roughly 4500 naira per hour. That was technically the first time I would be getting to know the price of oxygen.

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To cut the long story short, my friend spent 3 days with the oxygen mask fixed to her face all through the hours of those 3 days. Doing the mathematics, her family spent 324,000 naira in just 3 days for oxygen. I am however glad that my friend is now doing very okay, but till today, I still imagine how much everyone would be owing God, if he was to be charging us for the oxygen we breathe.

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I decided to do the mathematics for an average human of 20 years of age. 20 years has 175, 200 hours in it, and if an hour of oxygen cost 4,500 naira, then a 20 year old human would be owing God roughly 788,400,000 naira. Now you see why you must thank God for breathing oxygen freely.

Article Source: Live Experience At The Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH)

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