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Health and Lifestyle:These are some of the unhealthy things we do that doctors fail to warn us of

People fall sick these days because of some habits which are often neglected, overlooked and not warned against by health care providers.

Most of these habits are something we can not do anything about because they are Akin to reflexes which are often times involuntary.

What matters and what the health personnel fail to tell us is that there are ways we can do them to avoid getting infected.

Below are Six (6) things we do without knowing that they adversely affect our health.

1. Lubricating a cotton swab with saliva

Cleaning off the wax in our ears with cotton swabs, though hygienically good can be a source of infection and ear damage. This is because, cleaning the inner part of the ear can cause wax impaction which in turn can damage one's ear.

The ear is self cleaning and does not really need us to clean it up, except for the outer part which might look gross over time if not cleaned. This is because the wax is pushed from the inner ear and this traps dust that can build up over time, if not cleaned.

Cleaning the ears with a cotton swab that is moistened with saliva makes us more prone to infection. This is because, our mouth contains some bacteria especially those ones that act on food remnants which then gives off mouth odour.

Cleaning the ears with cotton swabs moistened with saliva attains two things which are; cleaning off the wax that traps bacteria, duct, insects or ants and introducing the bacteria from your mouth to your ears while further allowing the bacteria that are airborne to thrive. This also allows viruses and parasites that are also airborne to gain entrance.

Bacteria such as Streptococcus pneumoniae, Pseudomonas and viruses such as Haemophilus influenza and Moraxella are the major causative agents of about 85% acute otitis media experienced by many with ear infection. Ascari lumbricoides, can cause Lagochilascariasis, a rare parasitic infection.

2. Washing of Private parts with soaps and scrubs

This affects mostly ladies, because their private parts is more exposed. But this doesn't mean that the men will not suffer urethral infection if they use harsh soaps.

Soaps and other washing agents contain acidic and alkaline ingredients that aids proper and adequate removal of dirt but at the same time, alters the pH of the milieu.

pH alteration of the skin doesn't cause much damage like it does a woman's pubic area. The pubic region gets inflamed because when it's acidity reduces, some bacteria that would have easily died off when in such milieu, will now strive.

Note: Men suffer same fate as women would if a harsh soap is used. This is not because the pH of the male's public region is altered but because it causes dryness of the area.

3. Use of dirty finger(s) to clean off dirt in the eye

People generally try to free they eyes of boogers using fingers which most times ain't clean. It's more like a reflex action to want to use the fingers to clean it off.

Boogers appear in the eye after sleeping for long hours. The rate at which they appear varies from one individual to another, as some individuals have glands that produce more of the gunk.

Cleaning off boogers off the eyes is better done using a clean, slightly dampened cloth or properly washed fingers. This is because, a warm water dampened clean cloth will soften the boogers and will enable comfortable removal that will leave no cracks on the area

If the area is cracked due to the use of dirty fingers to remove very dried and adhesive booger off the eye and a blood vessel is affected, bacteria or viruses that cause conjunctivitis can easily be introduced.

Note: People who use contact lenses are also prone to Infectious Keratitis that affects the cornea.

4. Use of Saliva as Lubricant during Intimacy

Some individuals who engage in intimate relations with their spouse instead of making use of certified lubricants sold over the counter, prefers to make use of saliva.

Saliva contains bacteria present in the mouth. These bacteria acts on food particle remnants in the mouth, which when not properly brushed with a toothpaste containing active ingredients like mint and fluoride can result in mouth odour.

This same bacteria will be transferred to the public area of the individuals involved causing some infections that imitate STI's. Bacteria. Some of the bacteria found in the mouth include Corynebacterium, Camphylobacter and Streptococcus.

Awareness should be created on the need for the use of certified lubricants during intimacy, if need be.

5. Nose picking with dirty fingers

Though it is socially humiliating as Nose picking is considered to be akin to urination, defecation etc, it is therapeutic for one to pick his or her nose removing the mucus therein and then ingesting it through the mouth.

The act of ingesting one's nasal mucus (mucuphargy) especially during childhood is to be therapeutic because, the microorganisms contained in the nasal mucus can boost the immune system as stated by Friedrich Bischinger, an Australian doctor who specialized in Lungs.

Nose picking serves as route for transmission of microorganisms such as Haemophilus influenza, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae etc from the nose to other parts of the body.

This can be the causative agent of the congenital exfoliative disease cause by Staphylococcus aureus in Children.

Excessive nose picking with dirty fingers can cause diversity in normal flora, which then allows infection or nose bleeds which then allows entry of microorganisms.

6. Taking unprescribed antibiotics

Antibiotics though meant to help us fight diseases and infections caused by bacteria, can be the source of an illness if not properly taken.

Aside the global rise of resistance to antibiotics, which is currently causing heightened awareness and initiation of projects aimed at curtailing the increase, abuse of antibiotics is known to increase one's vulnerability to diseases.

When one takes antibiotics indiscriminately and without the prescription from a medical doctor or a pharmacist, diversity in the normal flora (biome) is initiated and if not stopped, the normal flora which protects that particular part of the body will be cleared or mutated, thus allowing the establishment of a disease.

Currently, World Health Organization is putting up programs that can help curb the effect and menace caused by the indiscriminate use of antibiotics.

In conclusion, most and if not all of us are guilty of the above mentioned habits. Knowing the downside of these habits can help reduce the risk of transmitting or contacting infections organisms.

Content created and supplied by: Dr_shredspen (via Opera News )


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