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Stomach acid; All you need to know about it

Hcl; hydrochloric acid in material that can be very corrosive and with which we should handle only with protective gloves and safety goggles and yet you can find this substance right inside your body.

Stomach acid; is infact Hcl (hydrochloric acid) with a pH of around 1-2. Stomach acid has 2 key roles, so let's explore the key roles of stomach acid in our body

1. Since stomach acid is very acidic with a low pH, it serves to denature and consume protein by breaking down its globular structure into amino acid chains

2. It activates a few important digestive enzymes such as proteases and lipases, these enzymes can only function at a low pH.

Proteasses break apart the long Amino acid chains into smaller chains or further amino acids.

Lipases break apart lipids or fat molecules.


The answer lies in the type of cells found on the internal stomach lining. These cells secretes mucus which protect stomach acid from breaking down your stomach. But when there is too much of stomach acid or when it is pushed upwards towards the oesophagus, this medical condition is known as ACID REFLUX. This can happen due to excess amount of food consume in a short period of time or due to certain types of food such as Acidic or spicy foods or foods with high fat content. Considering acid reflux is caused by excess stomach acid.


1. Consuming something Alkaline, can help relief the burning sensation. This is an example of a real life acid base neutralisation reaction. Examples of Alkaline foods are unsweetened youghurt, milk, fresh vegetables, most fruits e.t.c.

2. Antacids are possible treatments and can be purchased at almost any pharmacy all depending on the brand of the antacid. It contain the following substances CaCo3 (Calcium carbonate), MgCo3 (Magnesium carbonate), NaHCo3 (Sodium Hydrogen carbonate).

However Stomach acid is necessary for proper digestion, Low amounts of it can also prevent the stomach from absorbing necessary nutrients and vitamins. Low stomach acid also makes the body exposed to infections. So before you purchase any alternative treatment, Discuss it with your doctor and if the symptoms persist, please go and see your doctor.

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