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8 Importance Of Red Bell Pepper In The Body

1. Red bell peppers provide upto 300 percent of daily vitaminC. It can be used for those that are suffering iron deficiency.

2. It helps in treating and prevent inflammation in the body. It can be used to energize the body when you are overwhelmed with stress or feeling fatigued.

3. It is also a source of vitaminA. It is a nutrients that supports healthy eyesight, particular night vision.

4. Red bell pepper consist of vitamin B6 and magnesium. VitaminB6 is great for reducing bloating and preventing hypertension.

5. It is also used as aid in weight loss. It has a mild thermogenic action that boosts your metabolism without increasing the heart rate

6. It can used in reducing the risk of developing chronic disease such as: stroke, diabetes, heart disease,high blood pressure and cancer.

7 Red bell pepper consist of vitaminC help to form collagen. Collagen is required by the skin to remain healthy.

8. It can be used to prevent hair loss as it improves blood flow to stimulate hair growth.

Content created and supplied by: Boluwatifemi1233 (via Opera News )

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