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She begged him to accept 7k to abort her pregnancy, see what he did instead. (Fiction)

"Please sir, help me. I'm just 16 years old, if my mum finds out, she'll kill me." I pleaded with the Doctor as he stared at me. Before I continue, here is what happened.

My name is Promise, I am in SS2, and I am 16 years old. I have a boyfriend and we've been together for about a year now. He's the class rep and really liked by lots of girls in my school. When he asked me out in SS1, I felt on top of the world and we started our relationship.

He's been really sweet to me. He listens to me, advice me, helps me with my school homeworks too. I've spent alot of time thinking about him, I always want to be with him. We spent our break time together and he sometimes pays my transport fare home.

I used to secretly visit him too. On some of such visits, we had fun and sometimes do "more". However I got pregnant and now I'm out to abort the pregnancy. I can't let my mum find out about it, she will kill me herself.

The doctor he took me to said 20,000naira, but we have just 7000naira with us, and we're seriously pleading with him to do the abortion for me during the weekend because my mum will be traveling for a wedding.

"Alright, leave your home address down and his address too, it's just medical procedure". I was more than happy that he agreed to our price. Some of my friends have had an abortion before and they said it isn't very painful, besides it's best I just do it to save my future.

On the day scheduled for the procedure, I got to the hospital while I was very sure my mum had left for her journey. The doctor gave me some hospital clothes to wear and I did. He asked me to sit, I did too. He then asked me if I'm sure about what I am about to do. I told him yes, that I've thought it over a thousand times. 

He then said "Come out" and I heard a door opened from behind me, I saw my mum in tears. She was crying and that was the first time I saw her in tears. She probably feels ashamed of me but not as much as I felt ashamed of myself.

I knelt down before her, unable to speak. I thought the doctor would keep it a secret but now my mum knows about this, I don't know if she'll agree with me to go on with the abortion, if I was your daughter, what will you do to me?


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Promise SS2


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