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Do These Six Things To Win Heart of Great Men in the Society

Becoming great and important personality in the society has never been for all comers. To associate with and be in the heart of such people is neither an easy one. I will teach you how to win the heart of such people you admire and they will forever heart you.

Eba is a name of food in Yoruba language. In short it is the popular food we call garri. It is good for health as it nourishes the body. But it is not used in this sense here. It is an acronym for Emotional Bank Account. It's that place where your values are stored in the heart of people you deal with. What you get from people is determined by the amount of value you store in the emotional bank account.

The things you should do to have large emotional bank account are;

1) Pay occasional visit to the people you value and hold in high esteem whom you want to get known to them and possibly get help therefrom. Never neglect to visit not minding how you are treated.

2) Do call once a while to greet the person. Two missed call is ok if he doesn't pick up the calls . After calls, send SMS message to him indicating who called and why you were calling.

3) Buy gifts for them such as inspirational, leadership and politics books, novels, watches, shirts. Money can also be given depending the type of work the person does.

4) Always attend the event being organized by the person to show solidarity and support.

5) Always appreciate no matter how little the favor you receive from them. Appreciation is the application for more.

6) Above all be respectful, humble and loyal to whom you admire.

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Eba Emotional Bank Account Yoruba


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