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Do you know that crying has its benefits ?here are benefits of crying to the eyes and body

Crying (😢 )is a natural process that every human go through but most of us don't know that crying has it benefits to the eyes and body

because most people in the society often callously consider shedding tears to be a sign of weakness but in this article you will read about the benefits of crying whether tears of joy or not.

the is according to research made by neuroscientists

this is based on dr. William H. Frey ll, author of crying : the mystery of tears and founder and co-director of Alzheimer's research center he spent over 20 years studying crying and tears

1 . it relieves stress :chronic stress can increase the risk of having a heart attack, damages to some area of the brain

human ability to cry has survival value according to Frey emphasize that when it comes to stress reduction techniques for the family ,crying not be effective as respite care, but in circumstances a good cry can give a temporary release

2. crying lower blood pressure: crying has been discover to lower blood pressure and pulse rate immediately following therapy sessions during which patients cried and vended.

3. it reduces manganese: the simple and normal act of cry also helps to reduces the body's manganese level ,a mineral which affects mood and is found in significantly greater concentrations in tears than in the blood serums elevated manganese levels can be connected to anxiety ,irritability and aggression

4.tears removes toxins : Frey also said that crying actually removes toxins from the body. tears also remove human stress hormones like cortisol that build up during emotional turmoil and can cause wreak havoc crying is both physical and emotional releaser that helps humans start over with a blank slate

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