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Workout: 3 Simple Morning Exercises To Build Strength

Exercise is one of the basic lifestyles that keeps your health, strong and more rejuvenated. If you don't do exercises, you are greatly missing a lot and you are not helping yourself at all.

We are going to look at 3 simple exercises that can help you to build strength. The three are:

• Dumbbell Row :

This exercise helps in developing a strong back which is a key to improving your posture and possibly avoiding injury. It can also help you to build the muscles of your arms and your core muscles aiding the stabilization of your spine.

The muscles involved are: lats muscle, rhomboid muscle and trap muscle.

How To Do It

1. Grab a dumbbell of about 20 pounds and above while you have a bench beside you.

2. Start with one forearm extended on the bench and your corresponding leg bent on the bench.

3. The other forearm should be holding the dumbbell and its corresponding leg on the ground.

4. Now, retract your shoulders.

5. Then brace your and pull the weight up until your elbow passes the side of the body.

6. Lower the weight with control.

7. Repeat for 5-10 reps on each side.

Push-ups :

It engages your core muscles and allows range of motions on your shoulder blade. The target muscles are: triceps, anterior deltoids, pectoral muscles.

How To Do It

1. While your hands are in line with your shoulders, lie on your stomach with your toes moved inwardly.

2. Lift yourself upward while your feet is joined and your arms straight.

3. Inhale as you rise up and exhale as you go down.

4. Repeat for 10-20 reps depending on your body carriage.

Lateral Squats :

Lateral squat triggers your backside muscles and your inner thighs. This increases your stamina.

Target muscles are : gluteus medius( backside muscle) and inner thigh muscles (hip adductors and quads).

How To Do It

1. Begin with your feet wider than your hips.

2. Keep your knees and toes pointing forward.

3. Keep your back neutral, and then bend your knee.

4. Shift your knee and, weight over one leg. Don't let your knee crave in.

5. Try it on the other leg.

6. Repeat for 10-15 reps.

Enjoy your morning and make sure you keep fit. It is you! It is your life!

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