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Nutritious foods to eat in your 30s to improve your health

Just because you are above 30 doesn't mean you have to look like it or even act it. 

When it comes to our body and nutrition, eating good foods for your age is the big secret to maintain young looks and conquer the changes that are going on in your bodies, it also helps to fuel your body for any life challenges.

How To Improve your Lifestyle In Your 30s

In your 30s, you are trying to balance your work, babies, family, fitness, and friends and you need a degree in multitasking to handle this perfectly. 

At this age, you need Iron, calcium, and folic acid. You need about 18 milligrams of iron to help boost your immune system and also steer clear of anemia. Are you also trying to get pregnant at this age? Take a lot of folic acids as much as 400 micrograms daily as this will help your body prevent neural tube diseases like spina bifida. Calcium is also very essential for keeping your bones strong and healthy. After the age of 35, you will start losing bone mass. Women between the age of 19 to 50 will need about 1,000 mg every day.

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The foods you need to eat to get these nutrients above includes:

- Eat folic acid packed foods like leafy green veggies, oranges

- Get fortified with iron-rich foods like beans, pork, lean beef, and any other vitamin-rich cereals 

- To gather enough bone mass, eat low-fat dairy foods like milk, cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt as this will give your body a calcium boost.

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