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Skin Care

A Few Things You Do Now That Can Cause Aching Bones As You Get Older

The vertebrae lose a significant amount of mineral content as we age, which causes the bones to become thinner and ultimately more brittle. Bone fragility is brought on by the vertebra's mineral loss. If this problem is not treated in a timely manner, it may result in osteoporosis. Reputable medical researchers have shown that specific behaviors typical in elderly persons are linked to a higher risk of bone fragility. I'll list three things that are bad for bones, along with nutrients that can help to protect them, citing WebMD, which will be quoted frequently in this essay.

The three factors listed below are what make your bones increasingly brittle as you age.

1. Constantly staying inside

Sun exposure promotes the synthesis of vitamin D, which maintains bone health and can be assisted by exposing one's skin to sunlight. Staying indoors to avoid sunlight is regarded to be bad for one's health because the skin isn't getting the vitamin D it needs. Seniors should acquire at least ten to fifteen minutes of sunlight each day because it is the best source of vitamin D for the skin. Avoid being out in the sun for an extended period of time because it can harm your health. Therefore, make an effort to cut back on your outdoor time.

2. Adding too much salt to your diet.

It is advised to limit salt intake to a moderate level since too much salt may cause calcium to be lost from the bones, increasing the risk of developing osteoporosis. As you get older, it is advised that you eat items in moderation because it is widely known that they contain a relatively high level of salt, such as bread, cheese, and chips.

3. Smoking

Breathing in cigarette smoke may reduce the body's ability to create healthy new bone structures, per information gathered from WebMD. Please don't smoke.

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