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Food activities you must never do in your dream

One of the ways enemies destroy destinies is through food. The devil has keep caging many lives through food. If you eat food in your dream, I will suggest that you start praying a serious prayer. Eating in the dream is poisonous to your destiny . It affects many things in life.

A lot of lives have been manipulated through food in the dream. See below the negative meaning of some food in your dreams;

1. If you see yourself In the dream, eating and drinking, it represents sickness and bewitchment.

2. If you are searching for food in your dream, it indicates struggle and poverty.

3. If you dream of selling food, it indicates demonic manipulation. The person need serious prayers.

4. If you dream and you saw your self picking food from the floor and eating, it depicts curses and stagnancy.

5. If you dream of eating leftover food, it indicates slavery.

6. If you dream of eating foods like Amala, are under a demonic oppression. You need deliverance.

7. If you eat food prepared by another person in your dream, there is fire on the mountain. It means you are in a serious problem.

8. Also, to eat expired food in your dream is a bad sign, your life is at risk.

If you are experiencing all these, you need serious prayers and deliverance.

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