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Do you bath with warm water? Then this is for you.

Both physically and scientifically, bathing is good for the body, to keep the body clean and for our health, even to be able to connect with God, it's a must we should be clean physically before him.

We all do bathe, but how we bath also matter most, while some prefer cold water, some always like to use warm water to bath, but some like me make use of both for a reason I'll be dropping below. 

But today I'll be listing below reason why you should be using warm water when bathing.

Why you should use warm water to bath;

1. Warm water helps to kill microscopic germs in the body especially bacteria and virus.

2. It helps to relax the muscle after stress.

3. When you think of lowering your blood pressure, then taking a warm shower is good for you. 

4. Bathing with warm water can also help to induce sleep.

5. Warm water also help to clear cold and cough symptoms especially during harmattan period. 

6. Also, warm water shower/bath can help to reduce headache because it help to alleviate or expand the blood vessel in order to allow blood flow in the body. 

As it is seen above that warm water is good for the body, knowing when to use it is mostly paramount because it has its own disadvantages to the body, therefore it is advisable to use warm water maximum of two to three times a week. 

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