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Opera News Credit Score: Important message You should know about the new System. [Don't ignore]

After reading this post, I'm you sure would have gained one or two things. It is an important article all writers need to read.

Around last week, Opera news hub introduced a system called the "the Opera news Credit Score System.

According to Opera "A credit score is a rating on a scale of 1-100 that demonstrates how well you follow the publishing guidelines issued by Opera News Hub".

Some days later, feelings was aroused by numerous writers of this community about the effect this and what it will cause amOMG most of them, especially new writers. I am a writer so I can say that it will have some impacts in some places, like in the case of how long it takes to recover the 10 points that you lost on a single post.

Now the main reason why I created this article is to enlighten us more about the Credit score point. As we all know, most articles that are rejected will lead to deduction of the points and continuous rejection leads to banning from making post for specified days.

Now, after studying the factors and penalties for for each post rejects, I noticed that it is not all rejections that will deduct your credit point,

In my further research of this, I get to know that if the penalty of your rejection won't results to "Suspension of account", then no point will be deducted from your Credit Score.

Now to further explain this in a clearer way to make us understand better...

According to the Opera, If you follow the below rules, your article will not be rejected:

1. Stop writing "SEE" in your headlines if you are not showing videos, memes, or a lot of photos. It will be rejected as "Inconsistent"

This is the case of a rejection caused by used of wrong word in the headline, It is called Click Bait A, (there are 2 types of Clickbait - A and B).

Note: If your article was rejected because of this Click bait A, your point will not be deducted. But if it was Click bait B(Headline exaggerations/Sensitive), 5 points will be deducted.

2. Stop using photos of President Buhari in your Opinion/Fiction articles especially when he has nothing to do with the topic/issue. It will be rejected as "Inconsistent"

There is no info on whether Point will be deducted or not on this part. But the best is to avoid this kind of posts.

3. Stop using images of dead people, snakes, extremely graphic accident scenes, strange happening with scary pictures e.g, photos of humans with tails, photos with a lot of bodily injuries and blood in your articles. It will be rejected as "Disgusting".

Extreme graphic pictures are regarded Disgusting. If you fall to this case, then 5 points will be deducted.

4. Stop lifting posts on social media made by random, regular "Twitter User", "Facebook User", "Whatsapp Chats", they are mostly wild, clout chasing posts that often make no sense and the chances that such an article will be rejected as "Fake News" is very high.

Copying and pasting from facebook is considered "fake news", avoid it. You loose 10 points if your rejected because of this.

5. Please understand the meaning of FICTION. Many hub writers don't so they write a real-life story, recent news event, use photos of real people, screenshots of real events in their articles and write Fiction in the headline. This is wrong.

This further means, when you are writing a real story, don't write "Fiction" in the headline. It's unknown whether points will or will not be deducted.

6. STOP plagiarizing (COPY AND PASTING) articles from fellow hub writers or other online platforms. It will be rejected as NOT ORIGINAL. While it's totally fine to do research online to get points, your stories should not be 70% lifted/stolen or plagiarized.

Do not copy and paste news from other writers, it will be considered "not original" and 10 points will be deducted from your score for the rejection.

7. Opera will NOT publish articles that seemingly attack any religious or ethnic group.

Unknown whether points will be deducted. Buy stay away from it.

8. Many articles were rejected due to spelling and grammatical errors in the Headline

In this kind rejection, no point will be deducted, still, you have a chance to correct the title and submit the article again.

Another reason your post would be rejected is i. if it contains Sexually suggestive content

This is called pornographic images, 10 points will be deducted if you are involved in it.

ii. If is deemed advertisement/outdated

5 points will be deducted if you are involved. So stay away from posting advertisement articles.

These are all I could gathered down for now, I believe if we shall scale through the path of "Rejections" if we apply these instructions.

Kindly like, share and drop your comments.

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