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Do You Experience Little Issues With Your Eyes? - Do Not Panic, Here Is The Herbal Remedy For It.

Eye infection could be caused by the entrance of unwanted materials into the eyes. This occurs when a harmful microorganism enters the eyes, this microorganism could be Virus, Bacteria or Fungus. It invades the eyeballs or the surrounding areas. There are various types of eye infection and some of them include: Pink eye, this is also known as Conjunctivitis, Keratitis, Stye, Uveitis. 

However, eye infection show some symptoms which makes it easier for one to understand that he or she is suffering from eye infection and hence, seek for ways to remedy it. Some of the symptoms eye infection can show include the following: discharge from the eyes, frequent itching, redness of the eyes, pains, eye hurts when it gets bright, always feeling that something is in the eyes, irritation, tears, small and painful lump under the eyelid or at the base of the eyelashes, burning in the eyes. When one starts experiencing these signs, it would be necessary to consult a medical doctor so as to be sure of the exact ailment.

Herbal Remedy For Eye Infection.

When Eye Infection is diagnosed, then one can use this herbal remedy for it. This method is less expensive an easier to afford.

Ingredients: Carrot

Dosage: Take lots of Carrots every morning and night. Do this for one month and you will get a better result.

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Fungus Herbal Remedy Keratitis Stye Uveitis.


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