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Pregnancy period

Benefits of bitter kola in pregnant women

Many people believe that bitter kola is for only men, bitter kola can be eaten by both men, and women. Bitter kola contains nutrient, and vitamins that help in woman especially during pregnancy.

In most places women don't eat bitter kola, some women don't even like bitter kola. Although bitter kola is bitter but it has many good benefit that help in women. In this article we will be looking at the benefits of bitter kola in women.

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1) It helps pregnant women in combating nausea, and vomiting, many people might have not noticed this up till now that bitter kola fight against nausea, and vomiting in pregnant women.

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2) It normalizes blood circulation in pregnant women, many pregnant have unstable blood circulation, eating bitter kola can also help to stop unstable blood circulation in pregnant women.

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3) It strengthens pregnant women, most women get weak during pregnancy bitter kola also help to strengthen the pregnant woman.


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