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4 reasons putting food in takeaways are not good for your health

Everyone is directly or indirectly involve in the use of plastic or styrofoam containers as a takeaway when we go to buy food in public places. We may be ignorant of the dangers associated with these containers. They are produced from heavy chemicals which can be upset by heat. Now when they are been upset by heat, some of the chemicals are been deposited in our food especially when the food seems to be hot. These chemicals are responsible for serious and deadly illnesses we face and we shall look at the reasons why you should stop using them for food packaging.

1. Using styrofoam containers for food packaging is carcinogenic. This means they are capable of causing serious cancer.

2. Styrene when deposited in food through this styrofoam can mimic estrogen and cause mensuration irregularities in females.

3. Dioxin and Benzene can cause kidney ailments, headaches, and fatigue.

4. Plastic takeaway containers contain Bisphenol A which when upset by heat is released into food. Bisphenol A is capable of causing hormonal imbalance, cancer, and Tissue toxicity. 

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Benzene Bisphenol A Dioxin Styrene


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