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Early Signs Of Breast Cancer, And How To Reduce Your Risk Of Suffering Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a disease that occurs when malignant cells develop in the breast. It is one dangerous disease many people especially women suffer. It is a malignant tumor that affects the breast with the capability of spreading to other parts of the body. Medical science has developed many ways of battling the disease which include surgery, chemotherapy and others

How does this disease show up in the body of the patients? In other words what are the early signs that one has gotten this disease?

* When part of the breast becomes thick or swollen

* Irritation or dimpling of breast skin

* The ripple area may turn red or the nipple skin may become flaky

* Pulling in of the nipple or pain in the nipple

* Discharge from the nipple that is not breast milk which also may include blood.

* The breast may wear a new look

The next question is how can we reduce our chances of getting the disease?

Let us see the ways a person can reduce his risk of suffering the disease. Prevention is always better than cure. Even though scientists believe that the exact cause of cancer has not been identified, yet they believe that certain actions can reduce a person's risk of suffering the disease. To reduce your chances of getting the disease, do the following things:

1. Limit your alcohol intake

Consumption of alcohol can increase a person's chance of getting breast cancer. Doctors recommend that women should limit their consumption of alcohol to a maximum of one drink a day

2. Breast feed your baby

Breast feeding helps to protect the breast of a woman from infections. Women who breast feed their babies have less chance of getting breast cancer.

3. Be physically active

Being physically active play an important role in preventing sicknesses. If you cannot engage in a strenuous exercise ensure that you are not living a sedentary lifestyle. Being physically active will reduce your chance of getting breast cancer.

4. Avoid being overweight

Obesity will increase a person's chance of getting breast cancer. One way of avoiding to be overweight is by constant exercise. Eating a balanced diet will also help to control your weight.

5. Avoid post menopausal homone therapy

Post menopausal homone therapy can increase a person's chance of getting breast cancer.

6. Avoid smoking

Smoking may increase your risk of breast cancer.

7. Take enough fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contains nutrients and antioxidants which help you to reduce your chances of getting diseases.

8. Constant examination of the breast

Most diseases can be eliminated if they are dictated early. In the same way constant examination of the breast can help to dictate this problem very early and perhaps help doctors to terminate it at that stage.

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