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Heart Disease is Dangerous, Here Are 5 Ways to Prevent it As The President of Tanzania Died From it

The Demise of Tanzania's President, John Pombe Magufuli at age 61, Leaving his beloved country behind with uncompleted works in the hands of the vice president, Hassan is all due to a heart disease which he was battling with for some time.

According to reports he had not been seen in the public for the past 2 weeks. He had been at home since on the 27th of February until he was announced dead by the vice president yesterday.

According to reports also he was battling a heart disease at age 61 but sadly gave up the ghost yesterday. If you don't want to fall victim of a heart disease like the president of Tanzania then read this article to the end and endeavor to follow it up promptly for your safety if you are above 40.

(1) Stop Smoking:

If you are a smoker at this age frankly am ashamed of you. This is the stage you should be preparing your body for what is to come and eating healthy. Cigarette smoke contains more than 7000 chemicals which with time can damage your heart and blood vessels.

If you were once a smoker you are still at an early risk of heart disease.

(2) Avoid Alcohol/Hard Drugs:

Alchohol is high in calories which can result to weight gain. If you are an alcoholic then the risk of you getting a stroke multiplies by 3 times.

(3) Regular Exercise In Land or Water:

Exercising lowers the blood pressure in the body and also sugar level. These are the major causes of heart disease and by exercising you are relieving yourself from all these risks, either in Land or Water.

(4) Sleep On Time:

Bad sleep leads to bad health and loss of memory. That is, you won't exactly remember some events that happened the previous day.

Relating this to heart disease, research shows that men aged 40-69 who slept fewer than six hours per night had a 20% risk of having a first heart attack compared to those who slept from six to nine hours. And those who slept more than nine hours had a 34% higher risk.

(5) Reduce Stress:

Everyday stress can lead to an early stage of heart attack. You should minimize the time you spend on doing hard things that stresses you.

RIP to the president of Tanzania and if you don't want this to happen to you kindly follow the above rules. Share this article to friends also.

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