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Meet the lady who survived not only the sinking of titanic but also other ship(opinion)

Could it be true that this lady is responsible for the sinking of titanic and other ship? Let find out in this article.

Her named is violet jessop, who was a sterwardess on board the RMS Olympic, one of the titanic sister ship, when it collided with another ship in September of 1911, But manage to get to shore.

After the incident, less than six months later jessop was on board again in titanic as a stewardess, when it sank but still escape from death.

Again she became a stewardess for British red cross and served during the WW1. There was an explosion (through to be a deep sea mine ) causing the boat to sink. She quickly jump out to avoid being sucked under the ship's propeller and she suffered a head injury in the process.

Despite all this she returned to work for thesame company, about four years later.

Doesn't sound weird to you or just a conicidence? Drop your comment below and share it maybe someone might have the answer your looking for.

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