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This Poison Is Killer of Your Bones And You Drink It Everyday

A lot of people are not aware that carbonated drinks have numerous side-effects. Some of the negative effects according to researchers are:

First ten minutes

Do you know that one glass of a carbonated drink contains 10 tablespoons of sugar? This dose is 100% more than the allowed dose per day. The carbonated drinks contain phosphoric acid which gives the soda its specific taste.

After 20 minutes

The blood sugar and insulin levels increase which causes the sugar to convert into fats in the liver.

After 40 minutes

After 40 minutes the caffeine in this drink is fully absorbed by the body. Due to this, the blood flow is increased and the liver starts to release more sugar in the blood. The brain blocks the receptors responsible for the hormone – adenosine, so you don’t feel tired anymore.

After 45 minutes

The secretion of dopamine also increases and you start feeling better as you have taken heroine.

After 50minutes

Calcium, zinc, magnesium and phosphoric acid are responsible for proper food digestion. But the high amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners prevent the calcium secretion through urine.

After 60 minutes

After the caffeine starts to act all the minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc deposit on the bones and then are realized through the urine.

After more than an hour

After an hour, the sugar is distributed all over the body. You are full with energy but you will start to feel sudden mood changes. This is because the water and all the nutrients are also eliminated from the body. These nutrients are important for proper body function. Because of this, the risk of diabetes is increased.

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