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What you may need to know about herbal treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED)

A wide range of supplements are marketed as "herbal" or "natural Viagra" by their makers. They are marketed to men in the hope that doing so will increase their erection size and intimacy desire.Ingredients in these supplements may be helpful for erectile function and erectile dysfunction, as reported by healthline (ED). But, you might not know what's in the supplements you're taking, despite the fact that they're labeled.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) and herbal remedies.

Some makers and retailers of health foods and herbs claim that their products can boost libido with fewer negative side effects than pharmaceuticals. Moreover, they could be more affordable.

There is a lack of standardized testing protocols and scientific evidence to support the efficacy of herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction (ED). In human trials, self-evaluation is typically used, which might lead to ambiguous results.

Please consult your doctor before taking a new supplement, as some can interfere with the effects of prescription drugs. It's common knowledge that alcohol and many vitamins don't mix well. Your doctor can provide you advice tailored to your specific health situation.

Some herbal supplements should only be taken after consulting with a professional herbal medicine practitioner, such as a doctor of oriental medicine (DOM) or an acupuncturist. To get the best results, it's best to consult with a professional who can recommend a supplement and dose that's right for you.

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