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Carbonated Drinks

10 signs that indicate you might not be drinking enough Water


A regularly functioning body simply regulates its water intake – by feeling thirsty.

What is the reason for such sensitivity and attention to water? In fact, everything is not as simple as it seems. Sometimes the problem is that many people use tea, coffee, smoothies, sodas, compotes, kvass, wine, beer, etc., instead of ordinary water. 

It is drinking. All these fluids do not meet the body's need for water, while some (alcohol, tea, coffee) on the contrary, accelerate the excretion of fluid from the body.

Due to the lack of water, the body's metabolism is disturbed, the process of removing toxins from the body slows down, and many organs and systems (brain, kidneys, heart, etc.) are damaged.

The lack of water in the body is sometimes not noticed. The human body gets used to it. However, if there are factors that cause excessive dehydration (for example, on hot summer days), there may be fainting, confusion, and other serious conditions that require treatment.

Want to know if you have enough water to drink?

Next, check for 10 signs that you're drinking enough water.

Dehydration symptoms:

1. Dry mouth. This is the first and most obvious sign that your body needs water. At this point, the body is already feeling dehydrated. Of course, it is not right to try to relieve the feeling of dryness in the mouth with tea, carbonated drinks or packaged fruit juices. The body needs water right now.

2. Dry skin. Our skin reflects all the processes that take place in the body. If you suffer from excessive dryness of the skin, it is most likely due to a lack of water in the body.

3. Sometimes severe thirst. Sometimes it seems that no matter how much water you drink, you can never quench your thirst. This means that the body is dehydrated. This is no longer just a dry mouth, but severe dehydration, where the brain begins to send active SOS signals and needs water. Alcohol strongly dehydrates the body, so when you get drunk, you need to constantly drink water.

4. Dry eyes. If you feel dryness or even a slight tingling in the eyes, if the whites of your eyes are filled with blood, you should drink water immediately. when there is not enough water, the tear ducts dry up, which can cause significant damage to the eyes. Contact lens wearers should be more sensitive to this symptom.

5. Decreased urine volume and discoloration (urine dark).

6. Increased heart rate, strong heartbeat. As the water in the circulatory system decreases, the blood thickens, decreases in volume and begins to circulate slowly. As a result, the load on the heart increases, blood circulation deteriorates and the organs cannot receive enough oxygen.

7. Pain in the joints. Many people, even teenagers, feel pain in their joints. In some cases this occurs after running and jumping. Our bodies are programmed down to the smallest detail. 

Cartilaginous discs are made of 80% water, which ensures that the joints do not rub against each other, especially during intense loading. Therefore, it causes you to experience thirst.

8. Decreased muscle mass. As with cartilage and joints, muscles are half filled with water. Of course, when there is a lack of water in the body, in case of dehydration, moisture is lost and muscle mass decreases. All trainers and doctors came to the conclusion that it is necessary to drink water periodically, even during training.

9. Chronic fatigue and lethargy. 10 ) If there is a lack of water, it starts to look for water, when it cannot find it outside, it starts to take it from the blood as well as from the inside. 

This leads to a lack of oxygen, which affects all organs, leading to lethargy and fatigue. Thus, you feel more and more tired day by day, you are not satisfied with your sleep even after 8 hours of solid sleep, even tea and coffee are not enough to cheer you up, you almost fall asleep.

10. Problems with the digestive system . It is necessary to moisten the oral mucosa. But this applies to the entire digestive system. 

Without the necessary moisture, the quality and density of the gastric mucosa decreases, which damages the internal organs of the stomach acid. This often leads to heartburn and stomach upset.

Dehydration is one of the main causes of constipation. Sometimes regular water regimens help relieve constipation.

- Research Credit - Healthline

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