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If you are single read this especially ladies

I figured out that lots of unpleasant things will be heard immediately after this pandemic lockdown. Those who will not go back to school, those who must have married and those who will go with unwanted pregnancy which may end up to abortion.

So many times I have asked this question ,yet no answer. 

What exactly is the reason why Nigerian women are so much in love with abortion? It is so rampant that you get tempted to categorize abortion as another method of contraception. The funny thing is that most of these ladies involved are religious individuals... What exactly is going on? And they always claim it is a mistake. There is no accident in having sex. You don't walk on the streets and suddenly slip and fall on a ready-to-fire There's always a process involved in sex. Make no mistake, this is 100% about women, in case some start feeling the need to balance the gender here. You as a woman should know better at the end of the enjoyment, the guy walks away and you bear the pain alone.

If you're a single mother because of this kind of mistake, Please feel no shame any more but learn from it. Abortion and single-motherhood should never be a replacement for good sense. As a lady you should know when your man is serious with you or just want to catch fun, I always admire lady's that stood their ground and deliver their baby , at first it could be a thing of shame but on the long run you will smile and Thank God for such strength and courage. If you must collabo, collabo with sense.

I would think it means women are irresponsible or worse...Do men own your v-jay or your body? Who asked them to risk their lives .Stop deflecting. Ladies need to take more responsibility with their own body,health and life with respect to senseless and unplanned pregnancy. The fact that the abortion is usually procured in secret means the women bear all the negative consequences also. If she gets infection, ruptured womb or loses her life, she bears all consequences 100% while the men you branded 'not reliable' work free.

But why not, blame men again even for an irresponsibility clearly yours.

Pls singles lets take care. Don't forget to let us know your opinion on this .

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