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4 Natural Remedies to Cure Fever

Instead of spending huge sum's of money, to buy medicines for fever, there are some natural remedies that cure fever without wasting time.They include

1) Ginger:This herb contains anti-viral and anti bacterial elements that helps with infections and boosts your immune system .It can also be used as treatment for cold or flu.


i) Add a teaspoon of grinded ginger to a cup of boiling water .

ii)Add little honey to it , for a better taste .

iii) Drink at least 3-4times a day for better results

2) Garlic :This contains lots of antibacterial elements .It is not only used as a seasoning for our meat .So instead of abandoning your garlic in the kitchen,this is how to use it and cure your fever .Here is what to do


1) Blend 1 garlic clover and add it to 1cup of hot water

2)Let it rest for 10minutes , and then strain

3)Drink this twice a day , for better results

3) Basil:This is a herb used to cure fever .It has healthy properties that are quick and effective .Here is what to do

Procedure :

1)Take out some basil leaves and boil them

2)Add a teaspoon of grinded ginger in the boiled basil and boil until it is reduced to half.

3)Add a little honey and drink this at least three times a day for better result

4)Apple cider Vinegar :Not only is this used to get rid of pimples or for a smooth face , it is also used to cure fever .The acidic nature helps draw heat, leaving a cooling effect .

Here's how to use apple cider vinegar to cure fever without spending a dime.

Ingredients required:

1) Honey

2) Water

3)Apple cider vinegar


1)Mix two teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and 1tablespoon of honey in a glass of water

2) Drink the mixture at least 3times a day.

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