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4 Health Benefits You Can Get From Eating Ripe Pawpaw

Papaya which is otherwise called pawpaw is a sweet and bright coloured fruit that originated from the tropics of America and southern Mexico, it is widely appreciated for its nutrients and resulting health benefits, and this article further points towards those benefits.

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Pawpaw is sweeter when ripe than when it is unripe, but there are still people who prefer to consume unripe pawpaw for its health benefits. Well, for me, ripe pawpaw is the real deal and it is packed with beneficial nutrients, some of which include

√ Vitamin A

√ Fibre

√ Vitamin K

Vitamin C

Vitamin B1

Vitamin E

√ Folate

√ Lycopene

√ Fibre

√ Magnesium

√ Calcium

√ Potassium

Photo Credit: Dr. Axe

These nutrients are numerous but you should take note of the antioxidant, Lycopene and two of the vitamins, vitamins A & C, they play vital roles in the human body, they are good for consumption, and their health benefits will surface when you consume them through ripe pawpaw.

Pawpaw's health benefits go beyond just young people, the fruit is also beneficial to the aged, this is to say that we should continually eat ripe pawpaw regularly as we grow older. The health benefits of pawpaw are numerous but just four of them will be discussed below.

1. It may improve heart health.

Photo Credit: MedicineNet

Heart health is important to old people, just as it is to the young, but as we grow past certain ages our body and the organs therein begin to decline in function, making the aged people more susceptible to health issues, one of which is heart diseases. Well, pawpaw offers help in this aspect as it helps improve heart health.

Pawpaw contains vitamin C, potassium, and lycopene, all of which are beneficial to heart health, these nutrients help to keep the heart healthy by warding off cardiovascular diseases, also, the antioxidants in pawpaw may help improve the effects of good cholesterol.

2. It protects against skin damage.

Photo Credit: PetPlace

The vitamin C and Lycopene contained in pawpaw helps to maintain good skin by helping to reduce the signs of aging, papaya can help against wrinkling.

3. Helps prevent age-related macular degeneration.

Photo Credit: NewsBytes

Age-related Macular Degeneration happens as we grow older, it is a gradual process but if we carry out healthy lifestyle and food practices to consciously avoid it then we are on the right track to preventing it, well, one fruit to add to your diet that can help prevent age-related macular degeneration is pawpaw.

Zeaxanthin, an antioxidant contained in pawpaw plays a vital role to help prevent age-related macular degeneration, its role is seen as protective.

4. Eating pawpaw can help improve our bone health.

Photo Credit: Times of India

Our bones get stronger as we grow and eat healthily, but this strength gets to its peak at a certain age, probably around age 40, and we start to lose bone mass, what then can we do to reduce the rate of bone mass loss and weakening with age? Well, it boils down to our foods and lifestyle practices, pawpaw has been named among fruits that can help improve bone health.

Pawpaw contains vitamin K which helps increase calcium absorption, this amounts to more calcium in the body to strengthen and rebuild bones.

Photo Credit: The Guardian Nigeria

Eat more pawpaw but don't eat it excessively, remember the health benefits above, and also keep in mind that too much of a particular food can be bad.

Sourced from Healthline, MedicalNewsToday

Content created and supplied by: D-nutrient (via Opera News )

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