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Pregnancy period

"This Must Stop!" See The Risk Endangered In Showing Off Pregnancy

A lot of trends showing women and mostly celebrities who reveal their pregnancy bumps in naked clothes are disgusting to the guts. This act had to be stopped. In Africa, culture and tradition are placed above other supplemental acts be it morally, physically, or emotionally.

Things like this have consequences as ordained by the beliefs of our Africa land. This should be deemed as an immoral act and should be put to a halt. Pregnant women whose pregnancy has exceeded the restrain of invisibility needs to hold the right of courtesy.

In Africa, things are done with considerations and this should be a great warning to all Africa indigene. Little do most people know about the spiritual effects involved in exposing their pregnant body to the public.

According to Africa beliefs, there are laws that guide the moral act of women during pregnancy.

One is being morally conducted.

Two is diet maintenance

Three is moderate exposure to the public.

These three guidelines have side effects when not properly adhere to. Violations of the 3rd rule can endanger the life of the baby and the mother. In our Africa land, we are made to believe in the spiritual existence of an unknown roaming spirit. Getting your unborn baby exposed to the public is at a greater risk of this spiritual encounters. Please take note.

According to science, the unborn baby situation in the womb is very delicate. Any strains of physical abuse can affect the well being of the baby. This put the unborn baby in difficulties to survive.

Let's come to think of it, after the struggle of 9 months, the pains and the gains. In the end, the baby given birth to has physical or spiritual abuse. This is the saddest thing on earth and we all know that.

If you have been in support of this act. Desist from it now. Those that wow at the beautiful pics won't be there when the consequences of the illicit act come to pass.

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