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Checkout The Amazing Health Benefits and Nutrition of Acha (Hungry Rice)

Acha popularly known as hungry rice is commonly cultivated in plateau state Jos of Nigeria. Its belongs to Gramineae family due to its tiny grass plant and its a delicious cereal. Very rich in protein, carbohydrates and fibre.

Acha contains crude protein that's high in methionine and cysteine, these are the two most essential amino acid. Acha is highly nutritious.

 Acha is a nutrient-dense grain. It very rich in dietary fiber, B-vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. Acha also contains some amounts of zinc, magnesium, manganese, potassium, phenylalanine, and other essential amino acids.

Here are some Health Benefits of Acha

 Diabetes Management

Do you know that due to its low sugar content , Acha helps reduce fluctuation in your blood glucose and insulin levels, that means it's very beneficial for diabetic patients. According to a 2009 study research, Acha is low in glycemic food. Another good reason why Acha is a better cereal is that it contains resistant starch.


Gluten-Free alternative

Due to the fibre content in Acha, the grains are a very good alternative for people with celiac disease.

Celiac disease is an immune reaction that causes the body to react negatively by destroying its own tissues when gluten is ingested.

 Prevent obesity

A study concluded that the high dietary fiber in acha may be useful for people trying to stay healthy, the fibre content has no calories and it keeps the stomach full for a longer period.

 Energy food

Acha is an ideal breakfast cereal as it is light and easily digested. Its easy to cook, and packed with lots of energy, vitamins, and minerals essential for the body on the early morning work. Also known that its an ideal meal for pregnant women and growing child.

 Acha is a delicious and rich tasting cereal with great healing and nutritional qualities.

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Acha Gramineae


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